Sample Classes

Countless Configurations: A showcase of websites.

Many teachers have successfully used Zineli Learning to build a platform for their classes. Zineli Learning’s platform can also be used to help shape extracurricular activities and programs. In addition, the services offered by Zineli Learning are suitable for compiling and publishing newsletters and for structuring lessons in person development.

Below the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township (MSDLT) have shared some examples of the imaginative ways that Zineli Learning can be used.

If you have samples to share, please contact us

Sample Classes

The following sample classes were developed by Barbara Pace. These classes show the variety of content that is available through Zineli learning and the flexibility our system offers.

There are five different ways to organize the online classes. The Quik-Start classes system provides enough flexibility to choose how you feel the Zineli Learning class can best benefit your students. For instance, do you want a resource site for the class or will the majority of the course content be hosted online?

For copies of any of the Quik-Start classes detailed above to help shape your own Learning class, please contact us and we’ll be happy to share an example.

The classes detailed below have also been created by Barbara Pace. These classes offer an example of the type of content that can be included in a Zineli Learning Class.