About Zineli Learning

At Zineli Learning our aim is simple: to make online learning and teaching simple and straightforward. Our Learning Management System, or LMS, uses the latest in new technology to improve and enhance the learning process. Zineli Learning believes that an LMS should be intuitive, cost effective and pleasing to the eye; Zineli gives the user all three.

Our Learning Management System has been designed with students and teachers in mind and we have built an LMS around the people that use our services. That means we take on board the suggestions of students and teachers and deliver our users a system that meets their needs. Zineli Learning believes that it has created the most elegant way of presenting learning online. Zineli Learning also works in conjunction with other services providers to ensure that Zineli Learning always delivers the best value to its clients.

Zineli works alongside educators to provide a venue that improves the learning, teaching and classroom experience.

Zineli uses uncomplicated software to ensure that our learning platform works smoothly. The software we use was based on the vital feedback provided by our users to ensure that they get the best experience.

The Internet has long been used as an efficient and simple means to bring teachers, parents and students together in order to exchange information. Zineli uses quality software that makes the process even easier.

Our company provides a fun environment where creativity thrives. Each employee is part of team; Zineli believes in mutual respect among employees. For details of current job openings, click the link below.

Zineli teams with powerful partners to deliver a simple learning management system and we our always keen to work alongside new partners. Our company works with service providers that complement our range of services and we are actively working to establish links with new education and technology partners.